How Does An Excavator Tree Shear Work?

Posted On: 28 July 2022

In every industry, there will be obstacles on the job. But in some industries, these obstacles are a lot bigger. And we don’t just mean in terms of the challenge, but in the case of agriculture and forestry, these can literally be a much bigger issue.

Troublesome trees, hanging branches, and huge tree stumps are just some of the problems that may arise on both commercial and residential sites.

The good news is that these no longer have to be huge and timely setbacks. The world of agriculture and forestry has come on leaps and bounds. There are now plenty of extraordinary bits of equipment out there made for dealing with these kinds of issues.

In the case of moving large, heavy trees or dealing with excessive foliage, you want a durable piece of equipment that can quickly clear obstacles and handle any job with maximum efficiency. That’s where the excavator tree shear comes in!

In this guide, we’re going to look at how an excavator tree shear works and some of the key benefits of using these tools.

How can an excavator tree shear be used?

To help you understand the role that the excavator tree shear plays and how it works, it’s good to know what it is used for. There are lots of ways that tree shear might be used in the agriculture, forestry and tree care industries, but some of the top applications include:

  • Forest utility work and hazardous removal, including dead undergrowth or diseased trees
  • Plantation thinning
  • Harvesting of small trees, bushes and strong wood
  • Private and commercial landscape maintenance
  • Clearing of agricultural land
  • Maintaining roadways, railways and canals

These are, of course, just a few ways in which these incredible pieces of machinery might be used; there are plenty of other scenarios when these could prove useful too. But for now, you have a better understanding of how these tools are used – now, let’s look at how they work.

How do excavator tree shears work?

There are so many different excavator tree shears out there that it would be tough to say they all work exactly the same. However, they do all follow similar principles and are typically made from similar materials to ensure they are strong.

These tend to be made from materials such as high-strength steel because they need to be tough and durable to cut through heavy trees. These are attachments that are easily fixed to excavators, essentially large blades and grapples. Often, these blades are replaceable for better maintenance and less wastage, meaning the tool lasts longer.

Most tree shears work in a similar fashion by relying on one or two hydraulic cylinders to close the blades in a scissor-like motion. This will then sever the trees. However, there are lots of different versions on the market, some of which have been adapted with a rotational movement and the ability to hold and move trees.

Over the years, these have been designed and re-designed to make them even better and more efficient. Today’s huge grappling attachments make it possible for the arm to get a firm grip on the tree once it’s been cut. This can then be placed down slowly in a safe location.

Despite there already being loads of brands out there creating these attachments, businesses in the industry are forced to continue innovating if they want to stay ahead of the competition. This is because those working in forestry and tree care are always looking for quicker, more efficient and safer ways to do their job.

The benefits of using an excavator tree shear

Finally, there are lots of great reasons to use an excavator tree shear, and we’ve already touched on a few of these above. But in case you weren’t sure whether or not this is a bit of kit you should consider investing in, here are seven benefits of using an excavator tree shear:

  • These attachments are more efficient at removing trees and shrubs
  • This is a low-cost way to manage forestry and tree care needs
  • There is little to no maintenance cost
  • Most blades are replaceable, so your tree shear will stand the test of time
  • They are simple and easy to use
  • You can lower labour costs
  • They attach and set up quickly and easily
  • You’ll achieve safer tree felling, which is important for your business and your team

And this list is by no means exhaustive; there are plenty of reasons why you should consider purchasing an excavator tree shear for your business.