Koala Tree Shears

MDE Machinery

Powerful Koala Excavator Tree Shears

Made from high strength steel and armed with a replaceable blade it comes as no surprise that the Koala Tree shears have become a success across the globe. The MDE Koala tree shear range was designed with a purposely built heavy hardox chassis to ensure it is stronger, more resilient and robust than any excavator tree shear in its market category.

We offer a wide range of tree shears with 4 cutting diameter models that suits excavators 1.5 – 30 ton. Attached to an excavators hammer lines, the Koala tree shears are a hydraulic attachment that cuts trees efficiently with its’ powerful hydraulic ram. With our signature replaceable wing style blade to be the first on the market.

Through years of testing and re-designing, MDE has developed an efficient, powerful, high quality attachment for cutting trees. The arm takes a firm grip of the tree and a hydraulic cylinder pushes the hardox edge through the tree to shears it. The benefit this design has is that when the tree is cut it can be placed to a safe location.

  • Application Areas
    • Fast harvest of small trees, bushes and strong wood.
    • Harvesting and maintenance of forestry.
    • Maintenance work in the utilities sector.
    • Private and commercial landscape maintenance.
    • Suitable for the clearing of agricultural land.
    • Maintenance of roadways, railways and canals.
  • Key Features
    • Materials are easier handled to drop off areas
    • Easily removes trees & bushes
    • Low cost-efficient attachment
    • Improves operator’s safety
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Simple and easy to use, lowers your labour costs
    • Quick and easy to set up (aux pipes, hammer pipes)
MDE Machinery
K150 Tree Shear MDE Machinery

It may be small, but it's mighty!

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Excavators1.5t - 5t


Cutting Capacity150mm/6"
MDE Machinery
K200 Tree Shear MDE Machinery

The K200 is super lightweight yet extremely strong.

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Excavators2.7t - 10t


Cutting Capacity200mm/8"
MDE Machinery
K300 Tree Shear MDE Machinery

Our most versatile tree shear in the range

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Excavators6t - 21t


Cutting Capacity300mm/12”
MDE Machinery
K400 Tree Shear MDE Machinery

King of the Koala’s.

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Excavators12t - 36t


Cutting Capacity400mm/16"