Customer Testimonials

Are you in the market for an MDE product? Find out what customers have to say about choosing MDE.


Customer – Mike Boldero
Product – Koala 150 Tree Shear
Machine – Bobcat E27

“The Koala 150 was purchased and performed flawlessly together with my bobcat E27 it really is amazing what you can cut and hold with such a compact machine.



Customer – Adam Hewitt
Product – 14ft Falcon Pushoff Buckrake
Machine – JCB 435s

“We have run the 14ft Falcon on our JCB 435s for over a year now and we think it completes the loading shovel as the perfect grass machine. Running 1 shovel against 2 harvesters doing mostly dairy silage we can keep ahead much easier with the pushoff fork whereas before we were having to run a tractor to help out as well. When we first started using the falcon the extra weight was noticeable coming from a traditional fork but when used correctly this is a non-issue. The build quality is exceptional and the design has been well thought of. I would recommend the 14ft falcon to anyone looking to improve the efficiency of their machine on the pit and found MDE great to deal with.



Customer –  William Boyce, W. Boyce building and Groundwork
Product – Scorpion S500
Machine – SANY SY26U

“I purchased the Scorpion Grab for our SANY 3 tonne excavator, and what a tool it is. I would tell any digger man to invest in one big or small, the things you can do with it is great. From pulling hedges, buildings, maintaining fires, loading materials, too even raking soil & overgrowth. It travels almost everywhere with the digger. MDE have made a few different attachments for me in the past and I will definitely be back in the future.”



Customer – Patrick Murphy, MMA Plant & Agri Contracting
Product – 16ft Warrior Silage Fork
Machine – Volvo L120H

“We find the warrior with the 6ft tines enables us to move larger amounts of grass at a time and the tine spacing allows the grass to flow freely and evenly through the fork.



Customer – Jonathan Jenkins, W.R Jenkins & Co.
Product – Scorpion S750
Machine – 3 Different Machines

We have been running the S750 scorpion grab we purchased from MDE Machinery now for nearly 6 months and it has been a great addition to our fleet. We were able to spec it with a hitch that was suitable to share the grab across 3 of the machines in our fleet which is a great advantage when it comes to using the grab on different sites around the country but not having to move a specific machine each time. The build quality of the grab is impressive and the ability to tuck 1 side of the grapple away and use it as a rake makes it stand out from other grabs on the market.


Customer – Phillip Fields, P Fields Contracts
Product – Koala 300 Tree Shear
Machine – CAT 312

I have been working with the Koala 300 tree shear for almost a year now, and it has never let me down. It’s extremely well made, strong and cuts with ease. Its a pleasure to go out and do a day’s work with and a much more safer way of taking down trees for me and my machine. MDE were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them and there products in the future!”



Customer – Russell Murdoch
Product – 14ft Warrior Silage Fork
Machine – Volvo L70H

“We bought the 14ft Warrior fork 2 years ago now to go with our Volvo L70H and we couldn’t be happier with its performance. This silage fork is brilliant when it comes to handling heavy loads of silage. Its 14ft width and 6ft tines provide plenty of capacity for efficient work, saving me time during busy periods. The build quality is top notch. With the hardox tines spaced widely to allow the grass to flow through them nicely with less flicking than our previous fork. With it being a little heavier we find that it aids the shovel in climbing pits as well. Mark was very helpful when we talked to him about the fork. We would have no hesitation in recommending the fork to other contractors or farmers.”