Scorpion Excavator Grabs

MDE Machinery

MDE Scorpion Excavator Grabs are a must on every operator’s attachment list. One of the main key features of the grab is its ability to give you a breakout force like no other on the market. With its fixed front grapple you can easily pull-out tree stumps, clear overgrowth and stack rock armour. Scorpion Grabs can be used for demolition projects to take down buildings, pick out solid steels and timber with the hydraulic back grapple.

Scorpion Excavator Grabs are a hydraulic attachment that can hold on to heavy material thanks to its’ powerful hydraulic cylinders. We offer a wide range of grabs with 5 models that suits excavators 1.5 – 30 tonne. The grabs are very simple to install and maintain. Connect the hydraulic pipes into your excavators’ auxiliary lines and you’re in full control of your grab. To maintain your grab all you need to do is grease hinge points daily.

  • Application Areas

    mdetick Demolition projects, loading trailers, and feeding mulchers.

    mdetick Private and commercial landscape maintenance.

    mdetick Suitable for the clearing of agricultural land.

    mdetick Recycling plants separating material.

    mdetick Maintenance work in the utilities sector.

    mdetick  Picking up trees and pulling roots.

    mdetick Clearing land with boulders or stumps.

  • Key Features

    mdetick Hardox Teeth

    mdetick Powerful Hydraulic Cylinders

    mdetick Hardox Chassis

    mdetick Bolt On Hitch

    mdetick Quick and easy to set up (aux pipes, hammer pipes)

MDE Machinery
Scorpion S500 MDE Machinery

Smallest Grab In The Range

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Excavators1.5t - 4t


Teeth Thickness10mm
MDE Machinery
Scorpion S750 MDE Machinery

Precise and Reliable

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Excavators4t - 7t


Teeth Thickness15mm
MDE Machinery
Scorpion S900 MDE Machinery

Highly Versatile with Great Performance

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Excavators8t - 10t


Teeth Thickness20mm
MDE Machinery
Scorpion S1100 MDE Machinery

Efficient Material Handling Solution

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Excavators12t - 18t


Teeth Thickness30mm/1.2"
MDE Machinery
Scorpion S1600 MDE Machinery

Robust, Well Designed, and Easily Controlled

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Excavators16t - 30t


Teeth Thickness30mm / 1.2"