NEXTGEN-X Dump Trailer

MDE Machinery

Here at MDE we don’t imitate, we innovate. We strive to think outside the box thinking of ways to make products perform better, look better, and be better than our competitor’s. Our whole business is based off this method which has led to our success around the globe.

How does the NextGen-X Dump Trailer differ from a conventional tipper body?

Firstly, we have used a never seen or done before high-tip outer hinged body/tipping design, we also have gone a step further with our multifunction positioning tail door, and we are the first manufacturers on the globe to bring this style of trailer to the market, which as a company we our proud of.

How will this style of tipper benefit you as the user?

Our unique outside high-tip hinge point design provides increased stability when offloading in uneven terrain, rather than conventional style mounted tipping body’s that have a higher centre of gravity as the tipping hinge points are placed close to the centre of the trailer chassis, unlike the like the Nextgen-X where the tipping position is at the widest point of the trailer. With this style of tipping hinge, we have achieved to provide the best trailer possible to our customers giving them multiple styles of construction dumpers in one without any extra cost or without sacrificing working function of either.

Another unique feature on our NextGen-X Dump Trailer is our multifunctional position drop down/stockpiling tail door this allows the operator to choose between tail door function settings for stockpiling materials or setting the tail door down flat for offloading heavy sticky materials, brash, stumps, and overhang loads.

Another bonus of this style of tail door is loading & unloading construction materials for job sites through the rear of the trailer, Nextgen-X Range has 4 tail door positions in total, 2 stockpiling options, 1 down flat option, and 1 closed option.

A great advantage of this style of tail door is when tipping the load, the tail door doesn’t catch or drag any material. whether it’s stacked up oversized or overhanging it will let the load exit and free fall from the body.

  • Key Features

    mdetick HARDOX high wear performance steel

    mdetick Advanced performance light pack

    mdetick All-round Neon lights, and rear warning reflective strobe

    mdetick Curve body design

    mdetick Side crash barriers

    mdetick Reflective signage stickers

    mdetick Strap points

    mdetick Galvanised light protection and number plate guard

    mdetick Galvanized non entry risk zone trailer prop stand

    mdetick Galvanised pipe stand holder and foot stand

    mdetick Load sensing brakes

    mdetick Swivel hitch with height adjustment

    mdetick Unique one peace folded chassis

    mdetick Rear Bump skirt

    mdetick Power handbrake as standard

    mdetick Full length rear mud flap

    mdetick Cross braced suspension

    mdetick High speed commercial axles and brakes

    mdetick Sprung suspension drawbar

    mdetick Air over hydraulic brake

    mdetick Hydraulic drop down multi position tail door

    mdetick Dedicated foot stool holder

    mdetick Single tipping cylinder

    mdetick Front headboard/spill guard

  • Application Areas

    mdetick Construction

    mdetick Agricultural

    mdetick Landscaping

    mdetick Recycling

MDE Machinery
Payload20 Tonne