Rhino Pak Silage Compactor

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Create Better Silage With Rhino Pak

Every great harvest ends in the silo. The compaction process is an important process for silage. By increasing the compaction pressure of your harvest, you will generate more heat and also produce firmer silo. Research has shown that the fermentation of forage material such as maize and grass is positively impacted by increasing compaction pressure.

The MDE Rhino Pak will increase your overall weight, and gives you access to hard to roll areas such as back walls and sides. High losses and low quality can occur if the compaction is too low. By ensuring that these areas are well compacted, you reduce the amount of waste that occurs from bad silo compaction. Giving your animals better quality feed.

  • Application Areas

    mdetick Farming and Agri Contracting Sector

    mdetick Small farms – large scale farms

  • Key Features

    mdetick Compacting rings

    mdetick Side wheel (to stop damaging walls)

    mdetick Water fill ballast weight

    mdetick Stands (to safely hook the compactor roller off)

    mdetick Cat 2 and cat 3 linkage as standard

    mdetick Reflective warning strips

MDE Machinery
Rhino Pak 9ft MDE Machinery

Rhino Pak Silage Compactor

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Width9ft / 2.6m


Suitable for100hp+