Rhino Pak Silage Compactor

MDE Machinery

Create Better Silage With Rhino Pak Silage Compactor

The MDE Rhino Pak Silage Compactor will increase your silo capacity up to 25%. Giving you access to hard to roll areas. By increasing the compaction pressure of your forage you will push air out, and produce a firmer silo. Research has shown that the fermentation of forage material such as maize, grass & wholecrop is positively impacted by increasing compaction pressure.

Firstly, by pushing unwanted trapped air out means that the forage material has a reduced risk of yeast and mould forming. Rolling also bruises the forage, this helps release more sugars for fermentation. When a silo is compacted properly the forage becomes more nutritious.

  • Application Areas

    mdetick Farming and Agri Contracting Sector

    mdetick Small farms – large scale farms

  • Key Features

    mdetick Compacting rings

    mdetick Side wheel (to stop damaging walls)

    mdetick Water filled ballast weight

    mdetick Foldable leg stands (to safely hook the compactor roller off)

    mdetick Cat 2 and cat 3 linkage as standard

    mdetick Reflective warning strips

MDE Machinery
Rhino Pak 2 Tonne MDE Machinery

Rhino Pak Silage Compactor

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Width9ft / 2.6m


Suitable for100hp+
MDE Machinery
Rhino Pak 4 Tonne MDE Machinery

Create Better Forage With Rhino Pak

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Width10ft / 3m


Suitable Horsepower150hp+