Rhino Pak Silage Compactor

MDE Machinery

Compaction is key

The process of compaction plays a very important role after distribution in the silo. The better individual layers are compacted the lower the risk of air entrapment, faulty fermentation, or mould growth. Powerful rolling technology such as the Rhino Pak offers ideal conditions for optimum lactic acid fermentation and ensures silage/forage quality.

MDE manufactured the Rhino Pak to keep up with today‚Äôs fast paced contracting environment. Forage material is going in at quicker rates than ever before due to larger forage harvesters. However, this improved efficiency hasn’t carried over to the silo’s compaction process, where often it’s still only a tractor or loader compacting the silo.

  • Application Areas

    mdetick Farming & Agri Contracting Sector

    mdetick Increased silo capacity

    mdetick Reduced feed loss/spoilage

    mdetick Reduced silage slippage

    mdetick Access to hard roll areas

  • Key Features

    mdetick Compacting rings

    mdetick Side wheel (to stop damaging walls)

    mdetick Water filled ballast weight

    mdetick Foldable leg stands

    mdetick Reflective warning strips

MDE Machinery
Rhino Pak 2 Tonne MDE Machinery

Rhino Pak Silage Compactor

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Width9ft / 2.6m


Suitable for100hp+
MDE Machinery
Rhino Pak 4 Tonne MDE Machinery

Create Better Forage With Rhino Pak

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Width10ft / 3m


Suitable Horsepower150hp+