Customer Testimonial – Adam Hewitt 14ft Falcon

Posted On: 15 August 2023

Customer – Adam Hewitt, J A Hewitt & Sons
Product – FalconĀ 14ft Pushoff
Machine – JCB 435S

We have run the 14ft falcon on our JCB 435s for over a year now and we think it completes the loading shovel as the perfect grass machine. Running 1 shovel against 2 harvesters doing mostly dairy silage we can keep ahead much easier with the pushoff fork, whereas before we were having to run a tractor to help out as well. When we first started using the falcon the extra weight was noticeable coming from a traditional fork but when used correctly this is a non-issue. The build quality is exceptional and the design has been well thought of. I would recommend the 14ft falcon to anyone looking to improve the efficiency of their machine on the pit and found MDE great to deal with.