SX Grapples

MDE Machinery

Introducing double arm SX Grapples, no matter the task SX Grapples is ready! Built from HARDOX wear plate the these grapples can be used in harsh every day working environments loading materials in recycling, construction, agricultural, & logging industries.

The SX Grapple features a unique ability to be used as a industrial grab or saw unit, simply bolt on the saw unit and cut timber & fell trees. This innovative attachment integrates the precision of a chainsaw, with the versatility of an excavator grapple.

Connect the Grapple Saw to an excavators hammer lines, and you’re in full control. Tree removal is a simple process. First, take a firm grip of the tree with the grapple. Then use the powerful hydraulic saw to create a cut. When timber is cut, it can be placed to a safe location. This ensures minimal damage to the surrounding environment, and improves safety for operators and equipment.

  • Application Areas

    mdetick Forestry Operations

    mdetick Land Clearing

    mdetick Disaster Clean-up

    mdetick Utility Maintenance

  • Key Features

    mdetick Bolt ON/OFF saw unit

    mdetick Hardox® chassis

    mdetick Hardox® arms

    mdetick Bolt on hitch / coupler

    mdetick HD chassis

MDE Machinery
SX700 MDE Machinery

Smallest Grapple In The Range

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Excavators1.5t - 3t


Teeth Thickness12mm
MDE Machinery
SX850 MDE Machinery

Handle Material Efficiently

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Excavators3.5t - 5.5t


Teeth Thickness15mm
MDE Machinery
SX1100 MDE Machinery

Handle Material Efficiently

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Excavators6t - 7.5t

Teeth Thickness20mm

MDE Machinery
Excavators8t - 13t


Teeth Thickness25mm
MDE Machinery
Excavators13t - 18t


Teeth Thickness30mm
MDE Machinery
SX1650 MDE Machinery

Largest Grapple In The Range

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Excavators18t - 35t


Teeth Thickness40mm
MDE Machinery
Excavators12 - 18 tonne

Cutting diameter500mm / 19"