Scorpion X

MDE Machinery

Introducing Scorpion X double arm Grapple, no matter the task Scorpion X is ready! Built from HARDOX wear plate Scorpion X can be used in harsh every day working environments loading materials in recycling, construction, agricultural, & logging industries.

The Scorpion X Grapple features a unique ability to be used as a industrial grab or saw unit, simply bolt on the saw unit and cut timber & fell trees. This innovative attachment integrates the precision of a chainsaw, with the versatility of an excavator grapple.

Connect the Grapple Saw to an excavators hammer lines, and you’re in full control. Tree removal is a simple process. First, take a firm grip of the tree with the grapple. Then use the powerful hydraulic saw to create a cut. When timber is cut, it can be placed to a safe location. This ensures minimal damage to the surrounding environment, and improves safety for operators and equipment.

  • Application Areas

    mdetick Forestry Operations

    mdetick Land Clearing

    mdetick Disaster Clean-up

    mdetick Utility Maintenance

  • Key Features

    mdetick Bolt ON/OFF saw unit

    mdetick Hardox chassis

    mdetick Hardox arms

    mdetick Hydraulic saw

    mdetick  Bolt on hitch / coupler

    mdetick HD chassis

MDE Machinery
Excavators12t - 18t

MDE Machinery
Excavators12 - 18 tonne

Cutting diameter500mm / 19"