Falcon Push-Off Range

MDE Machinery

MDE Falcon Push Off buckrakes come in 4 sizes and are built for tractors to efficiently handle material. By using our adapter linkage, our Falcon can be used on loaders and telehandlers.

  • Application Areas

      Pushes Grass material efficiently off tines

      Designed for tractors although can be used on telehandlers / loading shovels


  • Key Features

      50 / 50 equaliser valve allows rams to push main gate evenly

      Double Side Tines

      Adapter linkage allows Falcon to be used on tractors, telehandlers & wheeled loaders.

      Welded steel plates on bottom of chassis to reduce wear

      Rubber Buffer pads stops main gate damaging chassis

MDE Machinery
Falcon 9ft MDE Machinery

Our first and smallest member of the Falcon range.

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Tine Length1600mm

Weight 1300kg

Capacity 5.5m3
MDE Machinery
Falcon 10ft MDE Machinery

If beauty was a buckrake, this would be it.

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Tine Length1600mm

Weight 1642kg

Capacity 6.2m3
MDE Machinery
Falcon 12ft MDE Machinery

Weighing in at 1800kg, this fork is not for the faint hearted

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Tine Length1600mm


Capacity 7.6m3
MDE Machinery
Falcon 14ft MDE Machinery

Push, flick and fold: it's a swiss army knife for loaders.

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Working Width14.2ft / 433cm

Folded Width9.5ft / 286cm